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Tornado damage in Goderich

Tornado damage in Goderich, 2011 Image credit, Wikipedia

The first thing you want to do in an emergency is to notify the appropriate agencies: the police, fire, and ambulance services. In case of vandalism, theft or other similar situations, law enforcement authorities should be contacted first, and a police report should be prepared. When you have managed the immediate nature of the emergency, then contact our office directly or contact Intact Insurance to make your claim.

No matter when you need to make an insurance claim Robertson Hall is here to help you get your dental practice back on track. When you speak to our team, we will know the specifics of your policy coverage and will be able to advise you.

During regular hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM you can call us to make a claim, (800) 640-0933 or (519) 680-3111. When our office is closed, on weekends or evenings, we have a special Emergency Service at Intact Insurance for you to call toll free at (800) 464-2424.

If you have started an after hours emergency claim, please give us a call on the next business day, and we’ll help to expedite the insurance process. Our Claims Representative will assist you in gathering all the information you need to proceed with your claim and facilitate the process of getting you back on track. 

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