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Here are some additional resources for you to review while you’re waiting for us to contact you.

coverage comparison

Dental Office Coverage Comparison Sheet

The Dental Office Coverage Comparison sheet compares 44 different coverages against the competition.  Review your coverages and see how they stack up to our rates.

application form

Dental Office Insurance Application Form

The Dental Office Insurance Application form is a simplified, one-page form we’ve designed specifically for dental offices. It’s short, sweet and to the point.  Fill out the form today and find out how much you’ll save on insurance.

Avoid $100,000 Traps with a Professional Dental Office Lease Review

Are you starting a practice, renewing your lease, expanding or relocating?  Unless you have experience reading leases, you will need professionals working for you to help decipher the complex language, help you avoid risks, and get you the best deal possible.