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Fast and fair dental office insurance claims processing get your dental practice back in business. We’ll start your claim in 30 minutes – guaranteed.

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Introducing the Robertson Hall Dental Office Protection Plus Plan

Save up to 20% on Premiums

Concerned that you are spending too much to protect your practice?

Dental Office Protection Plus could save you a minimum of 20% on your insurance premiums.

Dedicated Service Team

Frustrated by the lack of a dedicated service team to answer your questions?

Our dedicated Dental Office Protection Team will get to know you and your business.

Claim Processing

Angry that past claims have been denied or take too long to settle?

We Care, our tradition is service.  You can count on fast claim processing.

A Better Way

Wondering if there is a better way?

Dental Office Protection Plus provides greater coverage, better service, faster claim processing and savings.

What is Dental Office Protection Plus?

Dental Office Protection Plus is a group insurance plan designed only for dentists and the unique requirements of a dental practice.

81% of dentists surveyed were paying 20% more than they needed, were not covered for replacement costs, and were being under-serviced by anonymous people in a call centre.

Get More Information about Dental Office Insurance Coverage

Easy Insurance Application

Easy Dental Office Insurance Application

We listened to our customers and we’ve designed a simple one-page insurance application.
Lease Review Voucher

Dental Office Lease Review Voucher

As a preferred client of the Robertson Hall Insurance Dental Protection Plus program, we are pleased to extend a voucher for a Complementary Dental Office Lease Review ($1,495 Value).
risk assessment

Dental Office Lease Review by Cirrus

What if you sign a dental office lease without reviewing it for risks?  Watch the video now.

Client Testimonials

I believe that to know Robertson Hall Insurance Brokers is a true advantage. We all know that buying an insurance policy these days is not a dif cult task, but nding an insurance broker that identi es YOUR needs, understands you and provides you with the right policy to secure your future, is an extremely daunting task. Fortunately for me, and my family, I found a broker that has all the above traits and they are very hard working.I had recently purchased a commercial insurance through Robertson Hall Insurance for my three dental of ces and I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much lower the insurance cost was compared to the insurance cost estimates that I received from other Brokers.

Dr. Bashar Bashi

Dentist, Owner, White Cedar Dental Care

In my dental practice I have found that options for insurance providers have been very complex and time consuming. Robertson Hall was able to provide me with a complete comprehensive review of my insurance needs while ensuring complete coverage.Robertson Hall provides the personal service I need in my busy practice. They are easy to contact, and always respond quickly.

Any questions or concerns are answered professionally, and explained in a way that is easy to understand. Robertson Hall has erased any anxieties one may experience when confronted with this important and complex aspect of owning a business.

I feel con dent that Robertson Hall is providing me with the best coverage possible while maintaining a competitive price. Working with Robertson Hall has always been a pleasure and I would happily refer any colleagues to them.

Dr. Jay Chang, H.B.Sc., M.Sc., D.D.S.

Dentist, Owner, Lynhurst Dental

Dr. Sheik case study
Robertson Hall Insurance provides me and my colleagues with a great commercial insurance package along with group home and auto insurance. I personally saved a signi cant amount of money on my contents and liability insurance, but that would not mean anything without their outstanding service. I highly recommend their Dental Protection Plus business insurance program.
Dr. Ted Clement

Dentist, Owner, Dr. J.E. Ted Clement