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Our Vision:

Protecting People: Ensuring protection, confidence and financial security for our clients


Our Four Core Values:

  1. Professionalism, first and foremost
  2. Integrity, in everything we do Independent
  3. Advice to find the right solution
  4. Being There; when our clients need us most!

Our 11 Point Mission Statement

  1. Maintaining and building on 7 Committing to annual client our reputation – “We Care! Our Tradition Is Service”
  2. Remaining an independent all-commercial lines client lines insurance brokerage with no insurance company ownership.
  3. Empowering, training and supporting our employees to truly make a difference for our clients.
  4. Building a team of professionals who place a high value on mutual respect, trust, support
    and personal accountability, and 11 Working with insurance who strive to make our office the companies who have strong best place to work in London.
  5. Providing our clients with an exceptional customer service experience.
  6. Doing business with customers investing in technology, and who value our service and expertise.
  7. Committing to annual client renewal consultations.
  8. Achieving personal and commercial lines client renewal retention 5% higher than the industry average.
  9. Focusing on organic growth of 10% annually through referrals and covering all of our client needs.
  10. Continuing to develop and grow our expertise in niche insurance products and programs.
  11. Working with insurance companies who have s strong leadership, clear vision, super claims service, proactive underwriting support, innovative insurance products, a continuing commitment to investing in technology, and who view us first and foremost as a valued partner.